stick to me

i kinda like that you need me || once more || it feels kind good || to know you couldn’t || make it a day or two || without me || before you come unglued || and so maybe I || shouldn’t give this thing || to you || that cripples you || but that thing makes me || feel invincible || so stick to me || make me feel || like i could do anything || because  I want to believe || you’re not as || broken as you seem

3 | 08 | 16 listening to the 1975 || me


slim and loose

yeah, you got that slim || but I like you thin || yeah, that’s the way || been a little too long you know || since i sang any kinda song || but what could i do || you got a guy turned loose || and my heart runs like a river || rapid and fast || broken loose || and stuff flyin’ up || oh, this feels a little too good || you playing tricks on me? || i don’t mind || i just like you slim || cuz it makes me feel loose

02||26||16 listening to stevie ray vaughan || tin pan alley (aka the roughest place in town)


twinkle in the past || a lone light || wandering the night || purple and blue || dancing in the horizon || ash and spark || falling into || slender and somber || just passing through || you’re like a ghost || i never meant to || whispers on clouds || barely there now || and I watched it all || you were so proud || but like those colors || you’re just adrift || a breeze no doubt || did you mean to smile || i forgot you could || tell me this || when the sun sets || do you dream of me || do you see || in the breeze || along for a ride || a gentle smoke || drifting through || and do you remember || it was a cold month || that december || and we laughed || but a breeze ain’t a wind || at least not to me || you’re just a pretender || yeah you’ll always be || just a breeze

02 || 25 || 16 listening to bear’s den | above the clouds of pompeii

road apart

tell me brother || how far did you go || just to get back to wandering on this old road || how did you find yourself || out there all alone || i swore up and down || i’d never let you go || but time is far from me || your distant eyes know || a road apart can’t grow || brother, come home

2|25|16 listening to: barr brothers | even the darkness has arms